Inching Towards Consolidating Weblists and RIA Lists

I think I've mentioned in a previous post that the plan is to combine the weblist channel, and the RIA list channel. To a new user, there's no difference - everything is rating lists. Some are created by members, some are created by RIA staff (who are also members). An artificial division between the two doesn't make a lot of sense. Also, this consolidation will allow us to simplify and standardize some of the more confusing aspects of the site.

You may have noticed some formatting tweaks to the main Weblist pages as we inch towards this standardization:

- Specifically, we've gotten rid of that big yellow bar that says "This list was created by....." and instead by the list owner and publishing date in parentheses after the list name. (soon, there will be a similar indicator for RIA lists that displays the data and "RateItAll" as the list owner)
- We've gotten rid of a duplicate display of the weblist title
- We've (finally!) added the weblist scale at the end of every weblist description (e.g. 5=great!)

I'm happy that the important content on each page seems to be moving up.... as always, please keep your feedback coming as to how we can make this site simpler, cleaner, easier, and more fun.

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