Best. Bug Fixing. Day. Ever.

Your feedback was almost unanimous about how we governed the reposting of a review. You wanted the ability to edit and repost reviews without losing helpful votes, and also pointed out a couple of bugs in the process. Here is what we've done:

In the last fix of the day, we've switched up the rules regarding reposting of a review. Before, this is what happened when a review was reposted:

- all of the helpful and not helpful votes were cleared

- anyone who has voted a review helpful or not helpful was not able to vote again

- all comments associated with that review got erased

Here is what now happens when a review is reposted:

- the review retains its helpful / not helpful votes

- people are free to change their helpful vote to not helpful and vice versa

- comments associated with the review are retained.

Thanks for all the feedback.

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