Hey University of Singapore - Knock it Off

In addition to the million or so humans a month that visit RateItAll, there are also thousands of "bots" - non human visitors who crawl and scrape our site for content.

Some of these bots are benign - for example Google, Yahoo, and MSN all operate bots / spiders that are used to index our content so that it can show up in their respective search engines. These bots follow strict rules, and respond to our requests to slow down if they are hitting us too hard. We love them.

But others are rogues. Pounding our servers without regards to our requests, and scraping our (yours and RateItAll's) content so that they can display it elsewhere and try and make money off of it.

Today, one of those rogue bots was hitting pretty hard - we tracked it back to the University of Singapore. They were hitting us about twice as aggressively as Google, which is pretty aggressive.

So if you guys over there in Singapore are reading this, nice work. You overdid it and now you are permanently banned.


  1. So, seems like you do have a security problem in your site. That confirms my suspicion and denounces your persecution against an innocent member. The world is indeed round.

  2. "innocent member...." Thanks for the best laugh of the day.....

  3. Oops, my mistake, I forgot that on to you a person is guilty until proven innocent, and even after proven innocent, he is still guilty. Man, I feel for you. Really.

  4. I must have missed the part where you have been "proved innocent."

    Or did that happen in the fantasy land you appear to live in?

  5. Well, in my country, people are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around (maybe like in your country?). Perhaps it is you who lives in a fantasy land where you are the god and ruler.

    You see, no evidence was brought forth to condemn me of any wrong doing, yet I have been judges and condemned. And you all seem to agree and applaud the action. That, is living in a fantasy land of totalitarianism.

    Get it?

  6. You haven't been condemned, Rovin'. You have been judged, as everyone has been, based on their history. Yours includes a long list of being insensitive to others, to a long list of posting historical inaccuracies and inconsistencies, to lies (yes, lies) and a general inability to successfully interact with others.

    In virtually every instance where I have been corrected, or when I have corrected soemone else, the result was, "Thank you. I didn't know that!" Your response has been, at best, "That's your opinion"...at worst, these self-depricating, cry baby type attempts at begging for credibility that you don't have.

    I'll give you credit for being sensitive enough to recognise that my friend was in distress. A "I'm sorry to hear that you've been through a bad experience" would have been more appropriate, especially in light of the fact that she was a perfect stranger to you. But, you insisted on promoting your own personal version of religion on her and being a zealot about it, you scared her away.

    What's pathetic is that you won't even consider the possiblity that you might have been the cause of this. Think of a turtle that wriggles its way out of the sand, ready to face life and the first thing that happens to it when it pokes its head out of the sand, is that it gets snatched-up by a predator. The predator does it for its survival and is not required to show remorse. Human beings are.

    And worse, yet, is that I know that I just wasted more ink on you...

  7. Well LM, given your postings, your attitudes, and your behaviour, I'd have to say you're the expert when it comes to knowing about totalitarianism. You certainly evince every characteristic of someone who loves that kind of system.

    I'm done with you. I'm through wasting time with your pathetic crys for attention. I'm finished wasting any more keyboard time on an unrecalcitrant wretch. You made your bed, sir. Go and lie in it like the cur you are.

  8. Ridge, there was no way in the world that I could have known what that person was going through. Like many other members that come to the site, I simply commented on her posts and words. She brought up God and love. I answered her as I would have done to anyone. There was nothing offensive in my comments to her, on the contrary. And I wanted to continue the exchange, that's why I invited her to do it off the site.

    But, no matter what I say, you have already judged and condemned me. What bothers me is that you have refused to bring up a single piece of evidence that I did anything wrong, and that is because there is none. You listened to her, and did good. But before blasting me with everything you got, you should have asked me what happened, you know, listening to the other side of the story. Like a fair and balanced attempt to inform yourself. That would have been the honest and correct thing to do.

    Did you counsel her to delete her account? Why did she do it? If what I did was wrong, leaving the evidence to condemn me would have been her best "revenge". I will tell you why the account was deleted: there was nothing there to judge or condemn me. I know what I wrote and I know I have not been rude to her, on the contrary.

    One more question: where were you when all that happened? Why didn't you blast me then, using the evidence of my words? I know why: because there was nothing in there to justify your sudden and surprise attack. I believe you have carefully calculated the timing and the elimination of the evidence so that I could have no defense.

    I have a name for that, but will not disclose it. I still hope you would reconsider your actions and realize you have made a mistake.

  9. irishgit, the best thing you can do is get off my back. You do have (I hope) a conscience, and it will tell you the truth that you don't want to hear. Forget about me or the RIA. Be honest with yourself. You can trick me or anyone on RIA but will never trick yourself.

    I hope you will honor your word and stop harassing me. Thank you.

  10. I checked out GenghisTheHun on Google after I read the Singapore blog. My YouTube additions are rendered in Chinese! They REALLY must be hurting to listen to me sing and Angus yowl!

  11. That is the worst apology I've ever seen.

  12. Rovin'...Never let anyone outside the family know what you're thinking!"

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