OK, we're making progress on the new RateItAll site search engine.

We now have the category of each search result showing up, which makes it much easier to find what you need.

For example, see these search results for George W. Bush.

As you can see, the first three results show that you can rate him in the context of 1) US Politicians and Officials ; 2) US Presidents; and 3) Republican Convention Speakers.

We have a couple of more tweaks planned that should make the new search engine even easier to use... stay tuned.


  1. Don't get me wrong. I think it's great that RateItAll is undergoing all these changes with the ultimate goal of creating a website superior to the countless number of other opinion blogs on the internet. However, the new search engine (to me anyway) appears to be rather difficult to use. Though the concept in removing the old search engine seems to have been fueled from a desire to create a new one similar to Google or Yahoo, I find it to carry many of negative aspects of these search engines as opposed to their positives. For instance, if you were to search for Honda in the new search engine, the results would include not only topics that come from everything including sedans, commercials and personal warcraft but also any posts with the word Honda in them (though the latter seems to be a problem affecting different searches). Searches are rather time consuming and overwhelming currently and thus I have found myself posting rarely now. But many might find that a good thing...

  2. Hi mr. political, as mentioned earlier, you can access the old search engine whenever you need it here:


    My hope is that in the next couple of days, we'll have the new one working far better than the old one.

  3. I look forward to seeing this thing up and running (after all the bugs are worked out). I see a lot of potential for this. The former search engine seemed more accurate for pulling up related lists, this new one seems to bring up a lot more than that (whether that's good or bad seems to be dependant on what you want to use the search feature for).

    I tried looking up "Corpse Bride", "Corpse", and "Bride" on its own, but couldn't get the new movie to pop up (not that it's hard to click into "current release movies" and do it that way, but, well, I'm lazy).

    Out of curiousity, I just edited my post to contain the movie name in the post somewhere, to see if the search looks up the phrase that way as well. So far, it hasn't come up.

    . . . I'll get the hang of this thing eventually . . .