Addition to Site Rules

We added a new entry to the RateItAll site rules today.

It is now off limits to name specific employees when reviewing a company or service, or to disclose personally identifying information (emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc.) in reviews.

This addition is consistent with RateItAll's themes of trying to stay away from personal attacks in reviews, and to focus on more helpful information such as quality of service.

1 comment:

  1. I am still waiting on the new site rule that verifies the site can and will take an active users lists for its own. While a user such as irishgit may not be planning to leave it is obvious he should be wary that the site will take those lists from him if they get wind of it.

    While he might not care about the site in general terms I would think he realizes just how unethical such a thing is. I would also think that as a man with some amount of self respect he would be offended that his hard work and effort would simply be taken. All users should be concerned about that issue. The precendent has been set. Now a user can join the site, create many lists and spread their influence only to see the effort stolen. So whether a user is banned for violations or simply grows bored with the site the precendent has been set to allow the site to take control of something it has ALWAYS steadfastly maintained is not within its realm of "managing".

    Any user who creates a list or puts in effort should keep this in mind. If you are not a good soldier for the site they harrass you at every opportunity. And in the end take for its own that which you worked to create and they said was none of their business.

    The problems with this are obvious and I don't expect a rule being made on the issue. The site is literally praying my situation was a one time deal. But since a user can only create a list and its items but not delete the comments or the lists anymore most of the battle is done. Still a user can request a list be deleted. And when that eventual next influential user decides to leave will the site allow them to go? Sure. Will the site respect their effort and let it die in peace as should be the case? If you can't answer that question then send me a message and I will be glad to precisely clarify the answer.