Couple of Comments on the New Search Engine

Here are a couple of quick things to keep in mind as we test this new search engine:

- The site is not fully indexed. There are some pages that can not be found with the new search engine. We are working on this, and should have it corrected shortly.

- New additions to the site will not be found via the search engine. There will be approximately a 24 hour lag before new additions to the site start showing up in the search engine.

- The new search engine will only return items. So if you do a search for "Horror Movies," it will not return a link to the main Horror Movies section - just individual restaurants within that section. We're working to correct this as well.

- The site continues to be divided into three partitions for the purposes of search: RateItAll, Weblists, and Local. You'll need to specify which part of the site you are searching via the drop down menu.

As we work through the kinks, the old search engine will stay available here:



  1. Hey,
    For the vain and pathetic like me who like to search for themselves on RIA-- usernames seem to come up as hits as they appear by each of your comments on the site. Is there a way to filter out usernames next to our comments as opposed to usernames that appear IN a comment, item name or list name?

  2. That's good feedback. Let me take that suggestion back - I think we can filter the user names associated with a comment out of the search results.

    I'll post again when I have more info.