Imagine This

Imagine you could go to your profile page and click on a link that said "Show Me Recommendations from my Trusted Network."

This would take you to a menu where you could choose from things like Books, Movies, Television, Web Sites, Bands, etc. Let's say you chose Televison.

The system would then spit out a list of highest rated Television Programs, according to those within 3 degrees of your Trusted Network, together with reviews of those programs from people that you trust. All other ratings and reviews data would be filtered out.

We're not that far from this.

And the Trusted Network functionality is what's going to allow this to happen.


  1. Hmm . . . sounds like it'd be interesting. I'm not sure how far out I'd go in "degrees" of "trustworthiness". I'm still a bit skeptical, but I'd like to see how this one plays out (after all, my initial thoughts of weblists weren't that favorable, and a lot of good things have come from it . . . I'd be willing to give this a shot).

  2. Well, as long as we're all keeping an open mind, i'm happy :)

    As far as degrees away from your network and trustworthiness, you're absolutely right - if you go far enough away from your personal network, you're bound to hit Kevin Bacon at some point - rendering the system worthless.

    In a perfect world, your immediate Trusted Network will be able to crank out enough reviews across enough topics to provide trusted, high quality recommendations.

    I think for most however, at least initially, they'll have to go a degree, or two, or three out in order to have access to enough data.

  3. The bottom line is that an online venue cannot have any quanitifable level of trust. It is all smoke and mirrors and there is no way to safeguard the system from abuse. Even under the best circumstances such as system is useless when viewed against the fact no one actually meets or sees each other. And with everyone so anonymous and capable of creating more than one user ID that only a moron would buy half the crap they are told.

    The idea real life friends, when viewed in a trusted network sense, is more meaningful is actually laughable. Of course a real life buddy or person would view someone as "trustworthy".

    Coming to trust and respect a user such as Castlebee or Ignatius is MUCH more significant and telling. But that takes time and is not a good process by which to increase revenue or create hits.

    It is very simple... Would real life ENEMIES rate each other as trustworthy? Obviously not. So don't hype the real life side of things as more significant. It is much less significant and to anyone with common sense completely meaingless.

    My wife trusted me enough to have kids. My kids trusted me enough to help them with homework. My dog trusts me enough to eat the food I put out for it. So their clicking the "trusted" button is more meaningful than others? Yeah right.