Wrapping Up the Redesign

We're just about done tightening up the redesign. The Google ads have been added back to the profile pages (for all of you participating in the RateItAll Economy), and we've made it through our entire list of tweaks.

The always politically correct GoinDownSlow has nicknamed this redesign the "Queer Eye Makeover" - and I'd have to agree. The Fab 5 themselves couldn't have done a better job.

If anybody else sees anything that's broken, now is the time to bring it up. We're just about to move on to the next big project.

1 comment:

  1. Amy way that you could tweak the colors of the ads on our profile page to blend better? Your hyperlinks to lists, hot topics, etc. are all a reddish color but the adsense ads are regular blue. Could you blends our ads so that they are the same colors as the site? Thanks for all you do - RateItAll Rocks!!