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We get tons of feedback messages at RateItAll. TONS. Occasionally, we get requests like this:

You may help me with my search. I am now 63 years old and I saw a movie (drama?) in the second half of the 50´s or all along the 60´s but I do not remenber the name of the movie, the actors etc. The only thing I remember is part of the story. At a certain time of the movie one man is given as dead by a train accident. However the autorities were wrong because this man himself saw in a newspaper his name as the one who died. He did not say anything to the autorities and his family which thought he realy was dead. He never show up again to his family and start being a beggar. Afterwords the christmas season is coming and at the christmas eve he came to his house but did not knock at the door. One of the sons saw him through the window and came out asking to the beggar if he had no family and if he wants to join them inside, without recognize him as his father. This is what I remember from the movie. I understand it is very dificult to help me with only this description but could you try? It is a very emotional movie. I appreciate a lot.

Thank you

Can anybody help this person out? MA Duron?


  1. closely resembles the plot to the the movie "Pyassa" - a hindu film produced in 1957...but I could be mistaken.

  2. Have only now read the request and can only recall 'Random Harvest,' an early 1940s Hollywood period movie I once caught on TV starring Ronald Colman and Greer Garson. From the description request the dates do not match, but, should it be the one, the protagonist suffered from amnesia after a WWI incident and made a new life for himself with a family. Adapted from a novel by James Hilton's ('Lost Horizon') 'Random Harvest' was remade, sort of, some ten years back as 'A Stranger to Love' a contemporary tale starring Beau Bridges, Pam Dawber and Tess Harper.

    m. a.