Tighten Up - Tweaking the New Design


Here's our tweak list for today. If you see anything else on the site that needs to be fixed and isn't already on the list, please post it in the comments:

Most Urgent
  • Fix the search box - it's not working on any page except for the home page (FIXED)
  • We're going to make the orange links a bit darker site wide (the designer will provide us with the RGB code for the style sheet)
  • Caching on Browse Tags isn't working. The page consistently times out. Let's just hardcode this page as for now
Home Page
  • We need to align the right side of the testimonial exactly with the right side of the gray nav bar.
  • Home Page Typo: News and Tips: should be "Adding Background Images to Display Widgets" (we're missing the "g")
Sub-Home Pages
  • get rid of "trusted recommendations box (and text)" on sub-home pages
  • left align category names (e.g. Computers and Internet) with subject names (e.g. Web Site Directory) (do this for the whole index on this page)
  • "Topic Categories" needs to be height aligned with the top of the first module in the left sidebar
Category Pages
  • left align subject names with topic names (again, do this for the whole page)
  • "Browse Category Name" needs to be height aligned with the top of the first module in the left sidebar and left aligned with the Category intro / description (if there is one)
Subject Pages
  • Let's get rid of the yellow alert box and text that says "get trusted recommendations"
  • Let's height align the top of the Subject Tilte with the top of the first module in the left sidebar
Topic Page
  • Align Topic Titles with Topic Descriptions
  • On the topic page, let's get rid of the yellow box around the "Add this list to your MySpace page" and "Speed Rate" - but let's keep the links. Just get rid of the box.
  • on the topic page, get rid of the space between the bottom of the line of google links (belwo the description), and the line of text where the yellow box was)
  • The icons disappeared in the "actions" box
  • We need to reduce the width of the musestorm widget on the topic page below the list, so that it right aligns with the list
Item Page
  • Yahoo Maps are misaligned (local items)
  • Align Item titles with Item descriptions
  • On the item page, let's right align the review box with the gray description box
  • We need to left align the "reviews of item name" (on the item page) text above the reviews, with the rest of the column's content
  • The ratings breakdown graph is not showing up on the item pages
Multiple Pages
subhome / cat / sub / topic / item: Top Left Google ad module needs another line or two of whitespace after breadcrumb (for logged in users only - not logged in see the RIA intro box)
Recent Comments Page
align content to width of header on recent comments page
Breadcrumb Navigation
I'd like to make the breadcrumb navigation at the top of every page, black
we need a line of whitespace above the breadcrumb navigation below the nav bar
New additions page: right aligment of boxes need to match header
about us: let's get rid of Hottest Topics / Hottest Weblists (i assume this is why the about us page is so slow)


  1. I miss the ads on our profile page. Lots of times, I would view a profile and find an ad of interest. Any chance you'll bring that back??


  2. Hi Going2Oahu - yes, we're definitely bringing those ads back. They're an important part of our revenue sharing program.

  3. Awesome! Thanks for replying so quickly. Hope to see the ads real soon :-) Aloha ~