RateItAll Has An Intern!

I'd like everyone to extend a warm welcome to Jose. Jose is a grad student at UC Hayward focused on e-business. He's an exchange student from Granada, Spain.

His primary role with RIA is going to be making sure that we have coverage on the site for things that are hot in the news. He's also going to be helping with responding to user feedback, and rolling out our new feedback widget. He may also blog occasionally.

I met Jose on the basketball court - he's the best European player that I've ever played with / against, and was at one point, getting paid to play hoops.

So please be nice to our new intern, and if you get a chance, shoot him a note to say hi.


  1. Hi Jose,
    I'm an intern too (until the end of this month), from France, and got the chance to meet Lawrence. Welcome and good luck

  2. Thanks a lot,
    I am very excited of working here and get as much knowledge as possible. Are you doing your internship in RIA too?

  3. Hi Jose! RIA has an intern; cool! How are you liking the world of RIA so far?

  4. It's amazing to see how many people is willing to share their opinion. I am learning a lot about all this stuff from Lawrence and from users like you