Need some testing help!

We're testing some changes that should fix this login status problem that we've been having, and that will also make it easier to add more servers as we grow.

Can you please try surfing around demo3.rateitall.com as you would on RIA? Try rating stuff, logging in and out, messaging - in other words, anything that you would be doing anyway.

Look for things that don't work right, and that seem strange.

Demo3 is hooked up to the live database, so anything that you post will post to the regular site.



  1. So far, appears that sending messages works fine, no hangups yet. Editing profile seems like it works. Haven't posted comments yet, though.

  2. This is a little late but hey, I've been out of town for a bit enjoying my first vacation in going on 3 years! Anyway, I clicked in, fiddled around for awhile and it seemed to work very well. One thing I did was generate the little Blog widget...I get like zero traffic (what have people got against myriad corgi photos anyway???)so I'm interested to see how effective this little gizmo is. ~ CastleBee