Cross Your Fingers

I *think* we have site performance under control now. We now have a total of four servers up and running (2 web, 1 db, 1 mail), and they all seem to be talking to each other.

The good news is that the way the site is set up now, it will be easy to add new servers as traffic grows.

Rate On.


  1. Help! I can't access my PMs! I sign in, then I try to check messages, then it tells me that I'm not signed in :(. I'd send you a message about it, but obviously I can't! :(

  2. . . . nevermind, it fixed itself it seems. I don't know what happened!

  3. I'll tell you what happened. You bounced back and forth from the two servers, and lost your login. The way the site is set up now, it knows to keep visits from the same ip address on the same server. But what happens if the visitor is given a dynamic ip address by their ISP? It means the possibility exists for you to bounce back and forth and lose your login status. So, we have a problem here.... over the next few days, we will work on tweaking the site so that both servers will know what your login status is supposed to be... man, this IT stuff is a bear for me.

  4. LOL, I don't envy you: sounds like a pain to try to fix. But, I'm looking forward to the improvements. :)