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save your work!


  1. Gee, I am free to flame some things but not others.

    I didn't realize I needed anyones permission for that.

    And since I do live in America... I'll decide what I am free to do and not do when it comes to my spoken and written word.

    But thanks for the partial approval.

    It is also worth noting that only someone very insecure would view my previous comment as personal attacks.

    I'd say someone needs to relax. Reminding people that they are prostituting themselves may piss some off but it sure isn't a personal attack.

    But on RIA they can flame with personal attacks those who worked at Enron.

    LOL. They just can't do it on the Enron site or the Enron blog.


  2. Freudian slip?

    "Save your WORK"?

    Hehehe. That's right folks. To RIA it is your WORK. Working for the man. Irishgit must be quite proud to have yet another mouthpiece to write for.

    Word games? Hardly. I always choose my words carefully. And I know for a FACT the site admin does as well.

    Just remember comment wh*res. You are working for the man. And he is loving it all the way to the bank.

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