New Tool

As promised, there is now a tool to let you view and manage your trusted network. If you go to your profile page, click the link that says "Edit your trusted network of XX users."

Clicking "delete" next to any user name listed, will remove that person from your trusted network.

*Note* clicking delete will NOT affect whether or not that user trusts you.

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  1. A user can't delete comments on their lists. Even though RIA states on each and every weblist page that:

    "(RateItAll did not create this list and is not responsible for managing it)"

    In addition to not even being able to delete the comments left on your own lists (read the quote above again) a user cannot even delete the very lists they create.

    The worst aspect is that the site will not even allow a user to delete their very OWN comments.

    So why should this new "tool" impress anyone?

    With all the things on the site a user SHOULD be allowed to delete, they are only allowed the chance to delete members of their "trust" network".

    But the site doesn't trust you to manage the lists you create even though it pretends not to manage them itself.

    So why trust a site or anyone else on it that doesn't trust its users?

    The site went so far as to create a user called "weblister".

    This users purpose? To be a repository for stolen weblists. Otherwise called "orphans".

    And who was the one and only user to originally list this completely FAKE user as trustworthy?

    That's right.

    I find it all veyr pathetic really. The site will continue to press forward in the hopes that users will be sheep and fall in line.

    With many key users knowing that the site stole lists and refuses to allow users basic abilities that are STANDARD on almost any other site in the same vein...

    A lot of respect was lost. Users should demand the site stop creating whistles and bells to blind new users to the truth.

    The truth is the site only cares about money and user freedom, such as deleting their own damn comments or created weblists is no where to be found.

    Of course the site says it acts for the greater good.


    Anyone who buys that is a moron. The only thing the site is trying to protect is its own financial bottom line.

    It is a shame so many visit the site with no freedom and not even a desire to have it.

    Truly pathetic all the way around. Numbah, Irish, TBoneya and numerous other users I disagreed with but respected should stop pretneding they are anything more than comment wh*res.

    Either demand the site give users real freedom or leave.

    Else your lists will be stolen too. How can so many ignore the fact the site clearly states:

    "(RateItAll did not create this list and is not responsible for managing it)"

    yet does in fact do that all the time. Going to extremes to break their own "rule" if need be.

    Expect this comment to be deleted but I learned to save my work a long time ago and will repost it if necessary and as many times as necessary.

    The site doesn't want users to know the truth. They want naive and well behaved sheep.

    You can forget about real freedom on the site. Especially when so many just go along sheepishly as master says.