The Animated Ads...

... seem to be really slowing down the recent comments page, and the user profile pages.

I'm going to work with our agency to try and filter out the animated ones on Monday.

Sorry for the annoyance.


  1. Filter out the animated ones. Hehehe. But the others will remain and it's just another example proving what really matters... Revenue.

    Banner ads on RIA. Animated or not I would say they are here to stay. Regardless if the users want them there. And since users have already said OVERWHELMINGLY that they do NOT want banner ads and the like...

    It's one more example proving that user satisfaction is not nearly as significant as the revenue issue. The ads are obnoxious as well as annoying. The fact that they may not be animated won't change that.

    A TOP OF THE PAGE banner ad...

    Just what every RIA user dreamed of having on their user page. As well as other pages. Wishes do come true.

  2. Thank you.

    I'm getting tired already about seeing George Bush and John Kerry making fishy-faces at me and seeing little animated roaches skitter across the top of my screen ( . . . man, I hate roaches . . . )

  3. The one that's bugging me - "Punch the Punk."

    It locks up my computer for 5-10 seconds, and I have a fast connection and powerful computer.

    I have requests in to filter out this one, and the cockroach one that Kamylienne references. Please keep me posted on others that are too "heavy."

    And unfortunately, you can't say "all of them," as zero advertising is really not an option for a free site like RIA :)

  4. . . . how 'bout if we mix "punch the punk" with the one with Bush & Kerry making fishy-faces? I'd play that!