How come you can't subscribe to a city from the new home page?

We are still digesting feedback on the new home page. Our new registrations were up noticeably yesterday, which I think is a good sign, and which was sort of the whole point - let people play with the site a bit before forcing them to register.

One bit of feedback that we've heard a couple of times:

"How come I can't subscribe to a local directory / city from the new home page?"

The short answer is because we haven't yet hooked up a visitor's geolocation to the site yet. Once we do that, it will be an easy thing to offer each visitor the opportunity to subscribe to reviews of bars, restaurants, and businesses from their home town.

But just because you can't subscribe to your home town from the home page doesn't mean the functionality doesn't exist.

Here's how to add reviews from your home town to your River:

1) Drill down to find your home town's directory on RateItAll - for example, here is the San Francisco directory

2) Click the "Fave" icon - bottom right of this screenshot:

Clicking "Fave" automatically subscribes you to the city's reviews, and if you click your river settings, you can confirm this:

We will continue to look at ways to make it easier to subscribe to the topics you are interested in - not just for non members, but for everyone.


  1. It never occurred to me to "Fave" cities before. I just clicked "Fave" on a few cities, and in the process found that someone else had actually reviewed on of the stores I added during the local business contest. This store is almost literally in the middle of nowhere, I was somewhat surprised to find that someone else was familiar with it.

  2. Same here. I just hooked up SF yesterday.

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