Help us test a new feature?

Hi All, we just pushed something that we think is pretty cool - it's a new home page (for not logged in users), that shows off some of our amazing "river" functionality. Basically, it lets you easily subscribe to the topics that you are interested in, making your river fill up with not just the posts from people you follow, but also from topics you follow (e.g. Politics, Gadgets, Movies).

Here's how you can help us out with testing.

1) Logout
2) Go to the RateItAll home page, and try clicking on various icons (note how the river updates dynamically each time)
3) when you come up with a combination of topics that you are happy with (and note that you can "view more" on topics to select from 21 different ones), click "Save Your Feed" and then login. Your new topics will then be added to your feed.

I love this new home page - I think it's incredibly interactive, and is a nice show of force for our database. BTW, if you like the icons, tell Lena.


  1. rather than log out I decided to fire up IE8... clicking on multiple images in quick succession means some of the clicks don't seem to get registered though when deselecting them it does come up with the "loading" message after a few seconds to indicate it's working (which I guess is a deterrent from clicking too many at once!)

  2. I really like the look of the new homepage and the idea is great...

    I guess you're still working on it though as it says you can save your feed by joining ;

    still, nice work guys (and gals!) :D

  3. David, if you login in after selecting a few categories, the topics that you selected will be added to your river settings.

    This home page is *mostly* targeting folks who have not yet joined... the idea is to let people play with the app before forcing them to register.

    I wrote more about this philosophy here: