Working Hard Over Here at Expanding Our Coverage

For a long time, there were very few new rating lists added to the main RateItAll section. The vast majority of the new stuff came in from members in the form of Weblists. This dynamic was mostly the function of RateItAll not having any resources, and partly the function of not having efficient tools to add new listings.

Well, now I have some help over here and some new tools, and some folks have been working very hard at expanding our product coverage. I wrote already about all the new baby product review sections that we've added. More recently we've been focusing on pet product reviews (pet beds, pet carriers, dog health products, etc), health and beauty reviews (hair styling tools, bath scales, fitness shakes), and sporting good reviews (archery products, badminton racquets, baseball bats, etc.). We've also added sections for radar detector reviews, luggage reviews, and Christian books.

Weblists continue to be a crucial part of the site - I think they are largely responsible for giving RIA it's unique "rate anything" flavor and personality. But I also think it's time for the RIA team to start pulling OUR weight in making sure we have coverage for popular product rating categories.

If anyone has ideas / requests for product rating categories that they would like to see covered, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.


  1. Larry, your efforts to continually tweak and improve Rateitall is always appreciated. As far as I'm concerned Rateitall, and I have said it before, is the best site on the internet. You and your staff do a great job.


  2. Dear Larry,

    This could be a fantastic site if you could trust the ratings.

    Please sort out the false ratings issue. If you used IP addresses could this stop saboteurs from repeatedly setting up new accounts from the same computer?

    I am the owner of Toque Snuff a popular nasal snuff.

    I was delighted when some of my customers told me our products had been given a 5 star rating on rateitall.com as we are a small company and do not have the means to advertise in a big way. If you look on snuffreview.com you will see truly independent reviews of our snuffs and here we only ever rate a 4/5 star rating.

    About a month ago I was informed that someone had set up a number of false reviews and had deliberately altered our rating so that it was now only a 2 star rating. I and a number of loyal customers countered this attack and were able to set up a number of false ratings and regain a little of the ground this nasty sort had destroyed, however we will never fully regain our true position. Today I have been informed that not only have we been attacked again but some dastardly fellow has attached a skunk to our picture instead of our snuff tin. I have taken copies and will be going to the press about this matter. I do not yet consider it a legal matter but I reserve my right to go down this route should it prove necessary.

    I look forward to your response.

    Yours Faithfully

    Roderick Lawrie
    PS. I won’t be going to the press or contacting my lawyer, just trying to get a reaction.
    Chief Executive Officer
    Direct Line: 01289 303001
    Mobile: 07717 278963
    Sales: 0800 345 7488
    Overseas Sales: 0044 (0) 1289 302420

  3. Larry, How about reviews on Doctors, Dentists, etc. so people will know where to go for good service. You may already be involved in this service. I am new to your site and I like it!

  4. Hey William, check out the "local" tab in the top navigation bar - depending on where you live, we may already have some ratings for you.

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