A New Logo!

Guys, check it out....

RateItAll is the proud owner of a sleek new logo.

It reminds me of fireworks! Or a sleek rocket ship! Or shooting golden stars through the night sky!

OK, maybe I'm getting carried away... but I REALLY like the logo.

Our old logo was originally designed to be very "business-y" - this one seems a lot friendlier to me.

If you have kind words to say, please send them to Lena.

If you have harsh words to say, please send them to Jose.

And if you want to rate the logo, click HERE.


  1. The new logo looks good. An improvement in my opinion.

  2. Thanks ZB, I think it looks sharp. One day I will put up all the other iterations that Lena did so we can compare. There were a couple of very good ones... some of which may make their way onto t-shirts.

  3. I like it. great job, Lena and Larry.

  4. thanks randyman, glad you like it :)

  5. Very nice! It is eye catching and a great improvement.