Improvements to Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program

Guys, we rolled in some important improvements to our revenue sharing program.

Specifically, we are now sharing revenue 50/50 with program participants on every Google ad block on qualifying pages; Your Profile Page, Your Lists, Items You Contribute to Others' Lists, and your Review Pages.

I expect that this will result in a moderate increase in earnings for participants.

Also, we've made it MUCH easier to link your RateItAll account to an existing Google AdSense account.

To sign up for the Google AdSense revenue sharing program for the first time or to link your RIA account to an existing Google AdSense account, just go to your profile page, click the "Edit Account" link on the left hand side, and check the box that says "Sign Me Up for Google AdSense so I can earn cash."

Then choose whether you'd like to sign up for a new AdSense account, or link an existing AdSense account to your RateItAll account and fill in the fields.

You will get an email from Google confirming your enrollment. Also, you can check the status of your AdSense account (approved or pending) right on your RateItAll account page.


  1. Hey, so I've tried to set up this thing before and I must suck or something, because it didn't stinking work. That was about a year ago. Help would be welcome, man.

  2. Numbah, it should be easier now. Have you tried going to the "edit account" page on RIA, and checking the AdSense box?

  3. Lawrence...I've gone from averaging 490 page impressions per day this month(actually some what low) to 102 on 7/18 and 2 on 7/19. You've announced that you have made improvements, but it seems that something is quirky with my adsense account. Just letting you know in case others have issues as well.

  4. ZB, did you receive an email from me regarding resyncing your account? Go to your RateItAll "edit account" page and check to see if the AdSense box is checked... if it's not checked, check it, and then follow the instructions.

  5. I went to my edit account page and I didn't see an adsense box to check. My Adsense ID was listed, but it said my account's status was pending. Thanks for the help!

  6. ZB, I think that means you need to login in to google.com/adsense and finish the account linking process.