Couple of Minor Display Changes

Guys, a couple of minor display changes were made to the site today:

  • We are now showing the top 70 items on any list page before making you page. This will only affect long lists, like this list for Horror Movie Reviews, for example.
  • Similarly, we are now displaying up to 70 reviews on any item page. Here's an example.
  • We are hiding reviews of fewer than 10 characters from appearing on the item page. They will still show up in the recent comments page, or on a reviewer's archive page, but not on the item page. The way we see it, if someone just writes "sucks!" (five characters), they probably just meant to leave a rating anyway.
Have a great and safe Fourth of July weekend....


  1. The longer displays are pretty sweet and while I might be a minimalist on my posts, that moron the other day that posted the numbers of her ratings makes the character minimum a neccesity for the sanity of us all.

  2. Thanks mag, it will certainly unclutter the "Recent Reviews" pages.

    PS. Please address my concern in one PM I sent you. Thanks.