Posting a Video Review: A How To from Genghis the Hun

GenghisTheHun has very helpfully put together a video explaining how to post a video review to RateItAll.

Genghis chose to shoot the clip in sort of a Blair Witch style - minimal light, with only a hand and several eerie lights visible. I found myself overcome with an inexplicable feeling of dread after watching it.

But if you can get past the horror film techniques, his tutorial is quite helpful.

Here are the cliff notes:

- Record your video using a web cam or camera
- Export it to your desktop
- Upload it to YouTube
- Copy the embed code from YouTube and paste it into the review field

But I encourage you to watch the whole video. Thanks GTH!:


  1. The way he's covering his face make these videos incredibly disturbing. If you want to cover your face, why make a video where you're facing the camera?

  2. Perhaps audio would have been a more appropriate medium for this particular tutorial. Also, I've received thousands of complaints that Angus did not appear in the video - or if he did, we couldn't see him.

  3. I am sorry to disturb you, automatt. If you saw my face, you would be even more disturbed! (chortle)

    Lawrence, I tried to find Angus to co-star in the film but he was holding out on me. He had a new agent, and quite frankly, he goes into hiding whenever I power up the movie application. It is uncanny!

  4. Excellent point. Video goes a long way and keeps visitors on site longer.