Agree is the New Funny

Sometimes when I'm utterly baffled by a review, but I want to acknowledge that I read it, I will drop an "agree" vote on it.

Often this makes no sense:

Reviewer: "I remember growing up in Kentucky snorting the Grizz four time per day."

Me: Agree

I didn't grow up in Kentucky, and I certainly have never ingested the Grizz. Yet I somehow feel compelled to drop an "agree" vote.

Is there any cure for what I have?


  1. Please help me before I "agree" more.....?

  2. That's odd...I use the agree for when...well, when I agree with the review! If I am baffled by comments such as the one above...then I do nothing.

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  4. The "Black and White" list is an experiment. Watch carefully the reaction of the members, and notice how many respond to the topic and how many to the maker of the list.

  5. HI LM, you need to structure your list in a way that makes sense. For example, what does a rating of "5=Black" for "Nice" mean?

  6. Thanks mag, I am working on it. Probably will have to make it all over again.