Do you want to add a music player to your RateItAll profile?

Add a music player to your profile page just like this one with the song of your choice. Here's how:

If you want to add a player with one song:

1) Go to Streampad.com

2) Click the "Web" link in the left hand column of the page

3) Fill in the name of a band or track you like in the Search For Music Box

4) Find the song you want from the results, and test to make sure it plays by clicking the little blue triangle and clicking "play"

5) If it plays, then click the little blue triangle next to the track and click "share"

6) copy and paste the snippet of code into your music field on your RIA profile page

If you want to set up a playlist like Magellan, follow the same steps, but register with Streampad first. Instead of clicking "share" next to the track, click "add to playlist." Then click "share" on the little blue triangle next to your Playlist.

If you don't want your player to start automatically when people hit your profile page, you'll need to change the text in your player code from:




(in other words, just higlight the "yes" and change it to "no")

It's really not as complicated as it sounds... and Streampad has a lot of good bands across a lot of genres.

(if you want to add "Dear Prudence" you can just click "share" in the player above and copy and paste it into your music field on your profile page)

Check it out!

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