Tag Those Weblists!

We're getting closer to launching the tagging output functionality for Weblists. Here's how it's going to work:

Every Weblist is going to display their keyword tags prominently right below the Weblist title. Clicking on a keyword tag will display all the other Weblists that have been tagged with that keyword.

For example, the "Biggest Jerks in Sports" weblist has a tag of "villains" - clicking on the word "villains" will show all the other lists that have been tagged with that some word, across all categories.

It's basically going to work exactly the same way as the People Tags, and I think it's going to be a great way to find clusters of Weblists that you are interested in, and to gain more visibility for your own Weblists.

In the meantime, RateItAll's crack team of taggers (uhhh... me) is going through and helping out with the tagging process to try and provide some consistency in word choice.

Stay tuned.

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