Some General Weblist Tagging Principles

The thing about Weblist tags, is that they only work of people choose the same word to capture the same concepts.

For example, if Genghis tags all of his movie lists with the word "films," and Ridge tags all of his with the word "movies," they're not going to correlate. Clicking on the tag "films" is not going to display Weblists with the tag "movies."

So here are some general principles to help people get on the same page:

- Use plurals, not singulars
- Don't be afraid to use multiple words to describe the same thing (e.g. use "films" AND "movies")
- There are no "wrong" tags - tagging is a personal exercise. You should tag your Weblists with what they mean to you. Don't be afraid to have a lot of tags.
- Don't use "-" or any other symbols. Multi word tags should be written like this: "civilwar" not "civil-war"
- One tag per line

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