Slight Weblist Tweak

Occasionally people create Weblists that are completely personal in nature. Usually these sorts of lists are explicitly about a specific reviewer, and as such, most likely do not mean much to the vast majority of people that visit RateItAll.

Examples of these sorts of lists include Songs I Play on the Guitar, Reasons SZinhonshu is Everyone's Least Favorite Hypothetical Dinner Companion, numbah's job search, etc.

However, just because these Weblists are personal, doesn't mean they don't have value - it's just that they don't have value in the context of ratings and reviews. Where they do have value, I think, is in telling people a little something about the Weblist creator.

So what we've done is to create a "Profile Page Only" status for certain Weblists. What this means is that these sorts of lists will be accessible via the Profile Page of the creator, but comments on these lists will not be visible in the recent comments page or in the main Weblist index.

We may also use this feature on Weblists that don't exactly work in a ratings format (Choose One, Help Me Out Here, etc.)

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