Rethinking UP-ONLY Weblist Status

OK, in light of the recent feedback about the user page only status for personal Weblists from some respected RIA members, I've softened my position a bit.

While I still reserve the right to UP-ONLY Weblists that do not comply with the Weblist guidelines - specifically ones that don't work with a ratings format or have no theme - I will no longer be applying the UP-ONLY tag to Weblists just because they're personal.

I'm going through and releasing a few Weblists now - if you come upon a Weblist that you think should be released, shoot me a note at RIA Administrator.

1 comment:

  1. Why am I not suprised that the site admin still cowers when pressure is put on them from the masses.

    When the masses abuse the rules... ignore or face the hellfire.

    When the masses hate a rule... Don't enforce and pretend to actually have some ethics and credibility.

    When the masses whine about changes...

    Make excuses and "soften" the position.