Thanks to the RateItAll Community

Hi All, just a quick thanks to everyone who participates on RateItAll for a great 2009.

The site went through a lot of changes. Despite how hard it is to adapt to a new site, just about everybody met the changes head on, gave great feedback, bore with us as we worked out the kinks, and went on to master new and improved V3 version of the site.

For those of us regulars that are on the site every day sounding off about movies, drinks, politics, and of course pet food, more people than ever read our reviews. More than 15M people read RateItAll reviews in 2009, and we hope to bump that number up significantly in 2010. Click through to read our year end press release.

We promise not to make any huge changes to the site this year, but also promise to keep tweaking away and making the site tighter, faster, and easier to use than ever. Please, keep your feedback coming.

Thanks again for all of your support, and I hope each and every one of you has a fantastic 2010 (complete with plenty of reviews!).

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