One More Big Fix Live

Since the launch of V3, one of the biggest complaints we've heard from folks who use the site a lot was in regards to the Home / River page.

Here was the problem:

If you paged down a few pages to see recent reviews on the home page, then clicked off on something, and then clicked back on the browser - the page was not remembering that you had paged down. In order to get back to the view you were on, you had to page down again.

This was annoying for a lot of folks.

This is now fixed - please try it out.


  1. Awesome. This really is a big improvement.

  2. This was my only peave when the site upped to V.3. Thanks for attending to this. Much appreciated.

    Any idea when this improvement will make it to Washington State? No, it's not working here...

  3. ps: takes me back to the top of the front page.

  4. Ah yes. I don't think we were able to remember where exactly on the page you were (though this did come up, and we did try).

    However, if you scroll down, you should see that the page remembers how many times you clicked "view more."

  5. Not on my computer, it doesn't. No matter how many page down I go, A "back click" takes me right to the top of page 1.

  6. Try this:

    1) Go to your home page ("My Feed" view)
    2) Scroll down to the bottom and click "view more"
    3) Make a mental note of the last review, and click on the item page link associated with that review
    4) Click "back" on your browser.
    5) scroll down to the bottom of the page - the last review should be the same review that you made a mental note of.

    The fix we made has to do with remembering how many times someone clicked "view more", so that we can send them back to a page with the same number of reviews / stories exposed.

    Where we fall short is making you scroll back down using the scroll bar. Where we succeed is in not making you click "view more" at the bottom of the page again.

  7. OK. This is what I am getting: I scroll down 4 pages...click on a review...then click "back". It doesn't remember the exact location, but sends me to the top of page one...and leaves the 4 pages open. Close enough?

  8. Well, this is better. Even better is that the site is wicked fast.

  9. I agree - the guys have been working very hard, methodically optimizing each page, and I think it's paying off. The site is as fast as I've ever seen it.