Wrapping Up the Local Biz Review Contest

Congratulations to Irishgit for winning both the quantity and quality scores in our recent Local Business Review contest.

He wrote the most qualifying reviews by a long shot, with over 5000 points, and narrowly beat out Twansalem for the single most helpful review. His haul? A Flip Video Camcorder and a $50 gift certificate to the restaurant of his choice.

Newcomer GinaKristie also deserves mention for her reviews of Wichita local businesses, and we had a number of folks win t-shirts.

I was a bit surprised that more folks didn't make a play for the gift certificate - all it took was a single review of a local business to qualify.

But I guess in these booming economic times, a $50 gift certificate is no big deal :)

We will be sending out prizes today or tomorrow, and Irishgit, we'll be waiting for that Flip Camcorder review.

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