Get your free Demon St.... I mean Happy Star Stickers

Our popular little friend, who we've sadly been seeing less of since the site has been optimized, has been immortalized on a sticker.

Whether you refer to him as Happy Star, Demon Star, Carl's Junior, or Devil Star, he makes an attractive addition to any smooth, dry surface.

Here are some shots:

And a more somber, menacing shot:

If you want some free HappyDemonDevil Star stickers, please send a self addressed envelope with a stamp to:

RateItAll Global HQ
Attn: Jose Jimenez
2601 Mission Street, #402
San Francisco, CA 94110


  1. . . . holy crap, that star scares the snot out of me . . . .

  2. What if we are not from CA and cant get those stamps?Can we put a 1$ bill in it or something?