Calling All Gamers

We just added a boatload of new video game titles to our db.

If you are a gamer, please help us in getting these new sections off the ground.


  1. Nice, but you've had a large number of Xbox game titles in your DB for a while... And, it's growing every week.


  2. Ming, we are working on some behind the scenes stuff to deal with duplication.

  3. That would be interesting if you're able to consolidate the items and streamline the data.

    But, would you tackle that when data is entered, consolidate after the fact, or both?

    Sounds like you have an interesting challenge there.

  4. Ming, it is an interesting problem. We've pondered all sorts of different solutions here from identifying "master" IDs, to maintaining completely standalone listings to preserve context (best video game of all time vs. worst video game of all time), to a hybrid solution. At the list level, we are going to try and screen for duplicates upon data submission. At the item level, we are going to try and aggregate reviews of identical items after the fact.