Any Facebook Members out There?

Hey all, any of you on Facebook? We're testing out the new RateItAll reviews app for Facebook. It's basically a stripped down version of RIA that lets you share your reviews with your network of Facebook friends.

Here's a couple of key things you should know:

- Helpful, Funny, Agree votes accumulated on Facebook count towards your RIA totals
- On Facebook, you get a notification when somebody else on Facebook votes your review helpful. This means you can know WHO your helpfuls are coming from.
- Stuff you post on Facebook RIA will also post on RIA. Write once, post many.
- Make sure to merge your accounts once you add the app - this will ensure that all helpful votes you get on Facebook go towards your RIA tally

Want to try it out? Click here (if you're not a Facebook member, you'll have to join first.) Also, stay tuned for a RateItAll group on FB - I'll set one up shortly.

I'm actually doing most of my RIA posting on Facebook now. I've found it's faster and easier to post, and I can better response in terms of votes and feedback.

This Facebook version of RIA also explains the recent search of posts coming from people with names starting with "FB" (these are Facebook members who don't yet have a RateItAll Account)


  1. I just installed the application, it seems to work pretty well. It does work pretty smoothly if you're using the rate-o-matic style of reviewing. The only downside is that you can't view an entire list. When you click on a list, you just get the rate-o-matic style interface. But that's really just nitpicking on my part. Good application.

  2. Thanks Twansalem. Yeah, right now it's almost exclusively Rate-O-Matic and search and rate.

    Depending on how things go, we'll migrate full list viewing and list making functionality as well.

    We're also working on a "taste neighbors" thing that might be cool, that will show how similar you are to each of your friends.

  3. How do I merge my Facebook reviews with my RIA account?

  4. Click on the "my reviews" tab. In the right hand side of the page you'll see a link that says "join RateItAll and share....." Click that. Then at the bottom of the page, enter your RIA login credentials. Unfortunately you will lose your FB RIA reviews when you do this.