HTML Editor

So, we're trying to add an html editor to the item pages that would let folks easily add links to their reviews, or use bold and italics.

We're running into two problems:

1) The editor loads very slowly in IE
2) The editor doesn't allow folks using Firefox to leave new reviews from an item page (though they can edit existing reviews)

Unfortunately, if we can't get these two bugs sorted out soon, I'm may have to table this feature for now.


  1. For Firefox users:

    Temporary fix: if you rate something through the list itself, it will work (go to the list, then click the "Rate It" link on the right that corresponds to whatever item you want to rate.)

  2. great point... we're not hooking the editor up to the rate it! pop up window yet, so if it bugs you, you can rate from the list.

    Also, I think we have stuff fixed now. Firefox users can leave reviews, and the editor is not slowing the page for IE users.

    Also, it is also possible to break your reviews into paragraphs on the item page.

  3. Wow. It took less than 24 hours for someone to be "unique" enough to post in all bold.