Couple More Fixes Just Rolled Live

Here's the list:

- You can now add photos in any format (png, gif) in addition to jpegs
- The ratings list widget width has been fixed at 200 px so it easily fits in blog sidebars
- That annoying profanity filter bug has been eliminated. Any post will go live on the site in real time now. Profane posts are still sent to my attention however, where I will make a go / no go decision on it.
- The character limit for posts has been pushed up to 7000 characters - both EO and GTH have had problems losing very long posts. This should fix that.
- The new reply (to a given review) email notification feature has been fixed
- A few more tweaks to the registration process

As promised, we're going to continue our focus on tightening things up, as opposed to adding more features.

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